A Federal Judge Blocked Biden’s Vote-Getting Pause on LNG


Politico reports that a federal judge blocked Biden’s pause on LNG export permits. Biden wants to pause them while the Energy Department reviews projects again so he can win votes. The pause helps Russia.

The decision to stay on the LNG pause upends one of Joe Biden’s ‘rules’ catering to major climate extremists who have accused the president of not doing enough to mitigate planet-warming emissions.

Judge James Cain of the Western District of Louisiana, a Trump appointee, granted a stay request from 16 red states that had challenged the pause, arguing it would harm their economies.

Cain ruled that DOE failed to justify pausing approvals to review its permitting process.

“Past precedent, which the applicants relied upon, allowed the approval of the applications to proceed when updates were made,” wrote Cain, who also blocked the Biden administration’s social cost of carbon estimate in 2022 — a decision overruled by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Cain also agreed with red states that DOE failed to consider their concerns about the “impact on national security, state revenues, employment opportunities, funding for schools and charities, and pollution allegedly caused by increased reliance on foreign energy sources.”

Given these factors, Cain found the states “have a likelihood of success on the merits as to the claims.”


Senator Cassidy says the Department of Energy is completely politicized. If the President wants something done for votes, they do it. If they put a pause just because Biden is behind in the polls…in violation of the law, it hurts our jobs.”

It pauses $61 billion in investments just in Louisiana alone. It kills high-paying jobs.

All that matters for Democrats are votes, politics, and power. These people don’t know or care about facts. That’s why they make mistakes like this:

This LNG pause or ban is remarkably destructive. It paused permits to export LNG to countries with which the US does not have free trade agreements.  The U.S. must export to them if it is in the “public interest.”

Never in our history has the department rejected a permit. But now the Administration plans to reject permits. To make it happen, they are changing the definition of “public interest” to include the potential impact on the climate. They use climate extremism to rule over us.

Biden, who suffers from brain degeneration, will do whatever the hardcore leftists want. These Democrats will never do what is right for the people.

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