A Handful of Republicans Fight to Bar Illegal Aliens from Receiving Government Jobs


Some Republican congressional members, led by Rep. Tom Graves from Georgia, have joined forces to press forward a bill to bar illegals from receiving government jobs.

Democrats had pushed an addendum onto the House’s 2018 spending bill that would give younger-aged illegals the ability to gain employment with the public service sector.

The Democrat rule was inserted into the House’s version of the 2018 spending plan. It was done in the evening when no one would notice. The Republicans who voted for it have been allowed to keep their identity secret. It was a voice vote, not a recorded vote.

As you might have guessed, the House appropriations committee is filled with liberal Republicans.

Chairman Rodney Frelinghuysen, allegedly a Republican, oversaw the vote and applauded the process done in secrecy during the night while everyone was concerned with other issues like funding sex change operations in the military. Frelinghuysen said after the vote:

“Our financial system thrives on stability, and this bill provides the funding necessary for federal regulators to do their jobs in a timely and appropriate manner, while stopping burdensome regulations before they can damage our economy irreparably.”

Democrats and their Republican enablers have no love for this country nor do they have any understanding of why they should support citizens first. And, if you don’t agree with them, you’re a racist, a xenophobe, a nativist and whatever other insult they can hurl at you.

Whatever you think about amnesty and prized government jobs going to people here illegally, a process that deliberately takes place when no one is around to notice with the vote that is kept secret from the public is a flawed process and singularly undemocratic. Furthering illegal acts by the former president Obama is also not democracy.

Another issue is national security. If we give government jobs to foreigners, people who have no loyalty to this country, how can we be secure as a nation?


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