A Judge Expunged The 2nd Amendment McCloskeys’ Records


People might remember the McCloskeys of St. Louis. They are married lawyers who live in an exclusive gated area of St. Lousi. A massive mob of threatening Black Lives Matter communists broke the small gate into the neighborhood and stormed in, screaming and chanting.

The couple came out with their guns to protect their property as the radicals surrounded their property. Guns are legal in the state.

This took place in 2020.

The McCloskeys protecting their mansion from a communist mob

The radical circuit attorney charged them and took their guns. The prosecutor also tampered with evidence to get the misdemeanor convictions. They didn’t commit a crime.

Kim Gardner, the leftist circuit attorney in Missouri who won her election with George Soros dollars, is the same person who lets killers go free.

A judge has expunged the couple’s misdemeanor records.

Attorneys Mark and Patricia McCloskey filed a request in January to have the convictions wiped away. Judge Joseph P. Whyte wrote in an order Wednesday that the purpose of an expungement is to give people who have rehabilitated themselves a second chance, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

City prosecutors and police opposed the expungements.

Immediately after the judge’s ruling, Mark McCloskey demanded that the city return the two guns seized as part of his 2021 guilty plea to misdemeanor assault.

The couple had been pardoned by Republican Gov. Mike Parson after the plea.

If the city doesn’t give them back their guns, Mr. McCloskey plans to sue.

“It’s time for the city to cough up my guns,” Mark McCloskey told the Post-Dispatch.

They had better return the guns they had no right to take. The charges were bogus to begin with, and Republicans were outraged.


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