A Most Egregious Wrong, Lt. Bill Kelly’s Guilty of Free Speech


In April, Lt. William Kelly, a 17-year veteran of the Norfolk Police Department was fired for making an anonymous donation of $25 to Kyle Rittenhouse who acted in self-defense during a riot. His donation was accompanied by a kind note. He was fired when the disgraceful Guardian published the hacked information.

Another officer who is Black, Larry Boone, was promoted to Captain after he marched with Black Lives Matter. That is just a bit hypocritical. [2 clips]

According to the corrupt news media, Lt. Kelly gave to Kyle Rittenhouse who was shooting Black Lives Matter protesters but that was a lie as we know. It was an Antifa and People’s Revolution riot.

Candace Owens has a collection for William Kelly at GiveSendGo.

Lt. Kelly explained his case to Tucker Carlson on November 11th:

KELLY: “Well, Tucker, they mentioned several things that they thought were policy violations. The first thing that they thought that I broke — the first policy they thought I broke was that I was acting as a spokesperson for the City of Norfolk when I anonymously donated anonymously to the Rittenhouse fund.

“They also said that I broke a policy about social media, even though the GiftSendGo website that I donated to is not a social media platform. They said I broke policy in that I acted in a manner inconsistent with the city’s values. And finally, they said that I engaged in conduct unbecoming a police officer.

CARLSON: So, the city’s values would include judging people guilty before they go on trial? I mean, you’re a police officer. You have an understanding of the law like this — is that the police department’s position now?

If Joe Scarborough says you’re guilty, you’re guilty.

KELLY: I didn’t speak for the Police Department. I just speak for myself and I saw the same video that everybody else saw, and my personal opinion was that there was a strong case for self-defense, so I made that donation with that in mind.

CARLSON: Well, you are certainly right. You obviously have a practiced eye for this kind of thing and I think you’ve been vindicated by this trial. I hope you sue the crap out of these people. Are you doing that?

KELLY: Yes. It’s coming. Yes, sir.

CARLSON: It’s coming. Do you think — I mean —

KELLY: I also have a grievance going through.


KELLY: So, I’m still trying to get my job back. There is a grievance process that we have to go through, but separate from that grievance, we are intending on filing a lawsuit.

His crime was wrong think and believing he has the right to free speech.

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