Attorney for Kyle Rittenhouse Calls Lin Wood an “idiot” Who Used the Kid


Kyle Rittenhouse attorney Mark Richards says “getting rid of the first two lawyers” – John Pierce and Lin Wood – was a critical moment for the defense.

Lin Wood wants the fund collected for Kyle Rittenhouse’s bail, legal fees, security, and so on. It’s a considerable amount. Lin Wood was Kyle’s original attorney, followed by John Pierce. Mark Richards, one of the attorneys who won Rittenhouse’s case said both attorneys were inadvertently hurting him in the public sphere by associating him with political causes and the Proud Boys while he was fighting murder charges. He had no involvement with Proud Boys.

Attorney Mark Richards spoke out against Lin Wood and the second attorney John Pierce who had Kyle pose with Proud Boys who were being vilified in the media.

Richards called Wood an “idiot”.

Wood now says he might sue Richards unless he retracts his statement. As an aside, the media is reporting that Wood was Trump’s lawyer, but that is not true.

“You know, Lin Wood and I went head-to-head and, you know, he’ll probably sue me for it, but he’s an idiot who let (Rittenhouse) talk to The Washington Post while he was under charges for murder. I mean, come on,” Richards said in a Friday CNN interview.

In the interview, Richards also accused Wood and fellow attorney John Pierce of “trying to whore this kid out for money, for their own causes,” adding that the attorneys were “raising tons of money on him.”

In response, Wood wrote an email to Richards stating, “You publicly stated in an interview on CNN that I was an idiot. False, I am not.”

Wood then blamed Pierce for allowing Rittenhouse to speak to the Post. Wood said that Pierce was Rittenhouse’s criminal attorney at the time. Wood claimed that he had only been hired in order to handle defamation issues after the criminal trial concluded.

“You should be ashamed of denigrating me and #FightBack for our legal and good faith efforts to help Kyle,” Wood wrote. “Demand is hereby made that you immediately retract and correct your false accusations against me. If you do not do so, I will prove that you are right on one point you made on CNN—I will sue you.”

Wood and Pierce helped raise $2 million for Kyle’s bail, but it was not their money. They were donations.

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2 years ago

Lin Wood IS definitely an idiot! That stupid son-of-a-bitch urged Republican voters to protest the November 2020 Presidential election results by NOT VOTING in the two January 2021 Senator elections.

What more could the Democrats want than that?


We saw them on video, Lin…you stupid bastard!

Lest we forget, Lin Wood is a Democrat!

2 years ago

I suspect the court will require the funds to be returned to the donors as is the normal case with bail monies. I am not aware that attorney fees can be subtracted without the donor’s approval. Of course,there is likely to be a legal battle over the matter. IMHO Richards did defame LinWood by calling him an idiot. Lin is a patriot and the attorney that is best qualified to handle Kyle’s huge defamation claims against the Dog Fart Media and a whole host of Demorats who not only defamed him but used their official positions to intimidate the jury and taint the public against him. Biden should be the #1 target, but there are a whole host of possible defendants.