A Most Un-American Travesty


We still have January 6 prisoners in the DC prison, held without bail for two years. They have been denied their basic rights – a vicious travesty. They are held in deplorable conditions, allegedly with guards who hate and abuse them.

We now know that Nancy Pelosi, the Capitol Police, the FBI, and other government actors planned to let the riot take place, did nothing to stop it in advance or during the riot, and invented an absurd insurrection story after the fact.

More of the truth comes out every day. The government has disgracefully withheld evidence such as the 14000 hours of film. Most of the people they arrested did not riot. Even if they did riot, they deserve their human and constitutional rights. People like the Shaman received years in prison for simply walking around the Capitol after being told by the police that he could.

Democrats and RINOs have gaslit, lied, and terrorized Americans with the phony “insurrection” lie. They feel no pains of conscience over this travesty. What kind of people are these?

Watch Nancy Pelosi’s daughter in the clip below explain how ridiculous it was. She just happened to be at the Capitol on January 6th, ready to film the “insurrection” that she knew was a fraud.

This video is via The Gateway Pundit. It’s Nancy’s daughter explaining how exaggerated the Jan. 6 narrative is and how absurd the prison sentences are:

The Pelosi daughter said a Trump supporter couldn’t get a fair trial in DC. This is an immoral situation. Every J6 defendant must be out on bail and get a new trial at government expense in a different venue. Anything else would be unAmerican.

All of these politicians should be unemployed, including the J6 panel of Stalinesque politicians of the political right and left. This is a terrible travesty of justice.

This must be corrected. contact your local representative and demand action, or call DC.

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