Lindsey Graham Calls for Regime Change in Russia, Warns China Not to Help Putin


When Lindsey Graham isn’t promoting amnesty for millions of people who came illegally, he’s promoting war on behalf of Ukraine.

As millions pour into the country, changing who we are forever, Graham’s concern is a foreign country. We are told Russia wants to take over the lands once controlled by Catherine the Great when they can’t even control Ukraine.

Regime Change

Graham is obsessed with prosecuting Vladimir Putin; in other words, he wants regime change.

Our “leaders” in Europe and the US think that Russia will relent upon seeing our resolve, even though there is no evidence they would do that. As one professor says, it looks like Vietnam again. The people running the show are the people who surrendered Afghanistan to 7th century thugs.

John Kirby thinks President Zelensky gets to decide when our commitment ends. Bold!

Lindsey Graham never met a war he didn’t like. It’s hard to understand why he’s a Republican unless he thinks the party is a faster route to war. He wants to send tanks, and weapons to Ukraine that they don’t even know how to use.

A Graham warning

Graham is also warning China not to side with Russia when they are clearly on Russia’s side. We pump $200 billion into Ukraine, but China can’t help Russia? He’s dumber than dirt if he thinks they care what he says.

Graham sounds like a paper tiger.

Helping Biden get his radicals on the courts

According to Newsmax, Graham appears to have fast-tracked Joe Biden’s radical judicial nominees.

Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo, a Judiciary Committee member, told The Hill that Republican “leadership squandered a 50-50 Senate” before the midterm elections last year.

“They could have, at the committee level, made a major push to vote together and to stop at least the circuit court nominees,” Hawley said. “Every single one of them would have required a discharge petition. We didn’t do that.

“There was no concerted effort made whatsoever…”, Hawley said.

Graham continually tells Republicans to support Biden because he won the election.

“Elections matter. We’ll fight when it makes sense,” Graham said. “We were accused of having a conveyor belt” when the GOP controlled the Senate during the Trump administration.

“This idea you get everything you want, and they don’t get what they want when they’re in like circumstance, doesn’t work,” Graham said.

We’re paying the price for South Carolina’s Senate election.

This anti-war rally, “Rage Against the War Machine,” is interesting. It’s nice to listen to people who think differently and aren’t promoting war even if I don’t agree with a lot of what they say.

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