A Mystery! Third Terror Attack in a Week But Authorities Can’t Figure Out Motives


French police said one person was killed in an initial crash at a bus stop, then another person was injured in a second crash at another bus stop in the Aix-en-Provence port town popular with British tourists.

The victim who was killed has been confirmed to be a 42-year-old woman, while the second, injured victim is a 29-year-old woman.


According to ExressUK a source said:”At the moment we have no information on the motives of this individual.”

He had psychological issues, the media has been told. Is anyone who would join ISIS of sound mind?

Marseilles has become a terrorist haven.

ISIS is celebrating the attack but has not taken credit, therefore, motive unknown. The man’s name has been withheld. It might not be a terror attack but the authorities aren’t very clear.

“The distance travelled by the driver suggests a certain determination,” David Reverdy, of the Alliance police union in Marseille, told BFM TV.

Clearly not understanding the notion of soft targets to inflict terror, he added, “But we can ask ourselves: why these places? If one wanted to cause carnage, other places in Marseille, at another time of day, would have been more logical.”

ISIS wants people in the West to be constantly afraid, even to stand in a bus shelter.

In Barcelona this week, 35-year old driver-killer Younes Abouyaaquob,22, used a van to kill 15 people and injure scores of others. That killer is still on the run.

Finland also suffered an attack. An unnamed maniac shouting “Allahu Akbar” ran around a city in Finland stabbing women

Motive unknown in all of the attacks.

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