University of TX Removes 4 Confederate Statues In the Dead of Night


The University of Texas at Austin removed four Confederate statues in the dead of night. It screams cowardice. They are too cowardly to have a reasoned discussion.

Statues of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, Confederate General Robert E. Lee, Confederate Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston and Confederate Postmaster General John H. Reagan were taken down.

They will be moved to the Brisco Center for American History on campus.

If you never heard of Mr. Hogg, you can go to Wiki and discover he had populist and conservative views. It isn’t until deep down on the page that you discover he was one of the men responsible for making Smith County a Democratic stronghold during the 1884 national elections as he helped convince the black vote for the Democratic party.

Hogg was no conservative, he was a Democrat.

The university first removed a statue of former Democratic Texas Gov. James Stephen Hogg and it too will be placed elsewhere.

Mark Peterson, who identified himself as a University of Houston student, was seething at the removal of the statues.

“I hate the erasure of history and my people’s history … people of European descent who built this country,” the 22-year-old said. “It burns me to my core.”

A black activist named Mike Lowe said,  “They have no other reasons than ‘you are erasing our history.’ Their reasoning is flawed. These monuments represent white supremacy, and black lives haven’t mattered in this county the same as a white man’s matters.”

Leftists/liberals want to tear down the Jefferson Memorial so D.C. will put up a statement about slavery next to the statue. If they do, they need to explain that slavery was common and legal at the time. It doesn’t make it wrong but it’s impossible to properly judge the past by today’s standards.

Some blacks sold and owned slaves.

All of our heroes are imperfect.

Liberal constitutional attorney Jonathan Turley weighed in:

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