A Peek at Soros’s Marxist Candidates- All with Identical Platforms


Hard-left billionaire George Soros and his daughter, Andrea Soros Colombel, are bankrolling two entities that are supporting far-left politicians who back defunding the police, a Fox News Digital review of campaign finance records found.

Billionaire Democrat megadonor George Soros and his daughter are reportedly funding 13 radical Democrats running for Congress in 2022.

Soros has reportedly fueled Democrats with $125 million through a super PAC heading into the November midterms.

The Soros money has flowed to a joint fundraising committee and a PAC attached to the efforts. The joint fundraising venture, called Lead the Way 2022, includes the Way to Lead PAC, Fox News reports.

The funds from Andrea and George Soros put them among Lead the Way 2022’s and Way to Lead’s top respective backers for the 2022 elections, Fox News found.

Their goal is to expand the Squad’s ranks, Fox News reports.

The Squad are influential communists in the US House of Representatives. They call themselves Democrat Socialists, but there is nothing Democratic about them and they are interested in overturning far more than the economy.

Soros’s idea of reforming the criminal justice system is to defund the police. The more he ruins cities with his bizarre candidates, the more he steps it up.

Re-election of Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) – $40,000

Daughter Andrea is bolstering Cori Bush’s re-election. She vehemently objects to police for the common man while paying for armed security for herself.

Bush’s History so far:
  • Became a leading BLM organizer in the St. Louis area in 2014
  • Has affiliations with many far-left, radical groups and individuals
  • Supports the Hamas-inspired BDS movement against Israel
  • Supports the Iran nuclear deal and the Green New Deal
  • Views America as a nation infested with white racism
  • Paid more than $130,000 of her campaign funds on private security protection while advocating the defunding of police departments
Candidate Rana Abdelhamid (New York’s 12th) – $28,000

Rana Abdelhamid, who is running in New York’s 12th congressional district,  has received $28,000 from Lead the Way 2022. Abdelhamid has called defunding law enforcement a feminist “priority” in now-deleted Instagram posts, according to Fox News.

“Intimate Partner Violence is up to 4x higher in homes of cops than the general population,” she wrote in a graphic, citing the National Center for Women and Policing. Another graphic in the post encouraged readers to donate to “Defund the Police Efforts.”

She is the Founder and Executive Director of a gender justice and is backed by AOC according to her website.

Candidate Kina Collins (Illinois’s 7th) – $28,000

Her website is a duplicate of Cori Bush’s.

Kina Collins, a candidate in Illinois’ 7th district, was also provided $28,000 by Lead the Way 2022. Collins participated in a defund the police rally and has called for the abolition of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, reports Fox.

Candidate Odessa Kelly (Tennessee’s 7th) – $41,000

Her website duplicates Bush’s as well. They all come from the same communist ideological pot and are funded by the same pot of gold.

Odessa Kelly, attempting to win a House seat in Tennessee’s 7th district, was given nearly $41,000 from Lead the Way 2022. Kelly signaled her support for defunding the police in an interview with Our Data Bodies, according to Fox.

“Some of the groups out here who one hundred percent push the protection of our communities and are leading the defund-the-police charge and all those things. I’m on board with you,” Odessa said during the interview.


The deep-pocketed funder has pushed nearly $30 million into district attorney races across the country, often entering Democratic primaries and backing the most progressive candidate in the field.

Candidate Aramis Ayala (Florida’s 10th) – $1.4 million

One of those candidates, Aramis Ayala, who was the state attorney for Orange and Osceola counties in Florida, received $1.4 million in Soros funding for her race.

She is a Black Lives Matter supporter and compares “policing in Black communities” to “domestic violence”

Ayala is now running for a House seat in Florida’s 10th congressional district. Her campaign was previously included in the Way to Lead 2022 joint fundraiser and received nearly $29,000 from the committee late last year.

She literally wants to destroy policing and values everything communists value. This comes from her campaign website:
Justice Reform
  • Demilitarize the police
  • Halt qualified immunity
  • Raise policing transparency with a national Brady List
  • Enact national de-escalation standards
  • End cash bail
  • Implement alternative sentencing programs
  • Provide medical treatment for mental health crises and addiction
  • Implement conviction integrity standards to prevent wrongful convictions
  • Abolish the death penalty
  • Restore civil rights to those formerly incarcerated
  • Ban The Box” from job, housing, and school applications so people with felony convictions can rebuild their lives.
  • Remedy multigenerational trauma through investment in social services
  • Pass life-saving gun violence prevention reforms
  • Safeguard the sacred right to vote so that every voice is heard [including the voices of prisoners and ex-convict felons]
Climate Justice

In Congress, I’ll fight to ensure:

  • Climate change and science are taken seriously
  • Corporate polluters are held accountable
  • Low-income [communities] and communities of color are no longer ignored or left behind in the environmental justice conversation

In Congress, I will fight to:

  • Pass Medicare For All
  • Make prescriptions affordable
  • Expand maternal healthcare
  • Defend reproductive freedom
  • Improve clinic access for underserved communities
  • End systemic racism and biases in medicine
Economic Opportunity

In Congress, I am committed to:

  • Raising the federal minimum wage to reflect current costs of living
  • Supporting organized labor and collective bargaining
  • Creating jobs with infrastructure improvements and climate-first initiatives

In Congress, I’ll always:

  • Challenge efforts to defund and privatize public education
  • Eliminate police brutality and unjust punishment in schools
  • Extend public education from K-12 to K-14 with free community college
  • Forgive student loans
Affordable Housing
  • Redefine “affordable housing” to meet real-world needs
  • Increase low-income housing inventory and financial assistance
  • Crack down on abuses of federal funds that unfairly enrich developers
  • Enact harsh penalties for redlining and predatory lending
  • Back legislation that calls for mixed income developments
  • Close racial wealth gaps with financial support and credit restoration for first-time home buyers
Gun Violence
  • Pass Medicare For All
  • Expand mental health and social services
  • Increase available social services within schools and professional settings
  • Work with the majority of gun owners who support common sense regulations like universal background checks for firearms and ammunition purchases
  • Empower law enforcement to remove firearms from disqualified individuals
  • Support President Biden’s bid to allow gun victims to sue gunmakers
  • Ban civilian ownership of military-capacity weapons
  • Stop imprisoning and separating families
  • Reunite families who have been torn apart
  • Define a path to citizenship for DACA recipients and immigrants
  • Develop economic inclusion programs …
  • Streamline the visa approval process for guest workers
  • End pretrial deportations
  • Stop disproportionate detention of poor people, including immigrants …
  • Provide in-state [college] tuition [rates] for immigrants and undocumented residents

Soros has funded groups backing police reforms from his Open Society Foundations, including $4.5 million to a dark money hub used by far-left activists pushing to dismantle the police, Fox News reported.

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1 year ago

send info to Trump

James Linsley
James Linsley
1 year ago

Soros needs a one way vacation ticket for him and his boys to Hungary! U.S will be glad to pay for the tickets!

1 year ago
Reply to  James Linsley

The only problem is that he is not welcome in Hungary! They won’t take him. He needs to be sent to a communist country since he’s trying communize our country. He could enjoy experiencing what he’s trying to do to the West.