A Real Event at the White House, Looking a Lot Like North Korea


Northwell Hospital sent their singing nurses to the White House — watch it below. It’s painful to watch after they fired so many people. Northwell is a lot of show and propaganda for Northwell. They fire their heroes if they don’t obey the Nanny State.

There’s no sign of Joe Brandon Biden in the clip, just EdD Jill. Going missing could be the smartest thing he’s done in the White House. Joe Biden is the man who allegedly loves animals, was going to get a rescue cat, and, instead, gave away his dog. He’s also the so-called President.

Shades of North Korea:

Biden is also the person who railed against the high price of insulin after canceling Trump’s order to lower the price of insulin.

The Northwell Health Nurse Choir also sang at Carnegie Hall during the Joyful something-or-other Noise event. They need to go away. Just help the patients.

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