The Short Criminal Life of Daunte Wright


 “He was either going to be imprisoned, kill someone, or be killed.”

Daunté Wright was accidentally killed by a police officer, Kim Potter, who was found guilty on all charges yesterday. Wright was portrayed as a saint during the trial, but he was hardly that.

In his mere 20 years on this earth, he led a life of crime and violence before his death. Daunté shot his own friend in the head, broke into a neighbor’s home, and robbed a woman at gunpoint.

Daunté Wright had led a life of crime and violence in the years before his death, according to Daily

The 20-year-old was involved in the shooting of two of his school friends, a home burglary, and previously assaulted and robbed a woman at gunpoint. Jennifer LeMay said Wright shot her son, Caleb Livingston, 18, in the head at a gas station and left him to die in an incident in Minneapolis in May 2019.

Why wasn’t he still in prison???

Caleb now suffers from a traumatic brain injury and respiratory arrest and is bound to a wheelchair. He cannot speak and requires 24/7 care.

“He’s an evil human being. Worse than a monster, a waste of space on earth,” Jennifer LeMay told in an exclusive interview.

LeMay said, “I have mixed emotions about [Wright’s] death, part of me is content knowing he’ll never be able to hurt someone again.”

“But then the other part is furious. When Kim Potter killed him, she took away any possibility for him to be held criminally accountable for what he did,” she added.

Oh, he’s accountable Ms. LeMay.

“Daunte lived a lifestyle that didn’t have a long life span. He was either going to be imprisoned, kill someone, or be killed. His actions and behavior were inexcusable on every level,” she said.

“You live by the sword you die by the sword. How many more lives did he have to destroy? Karma’s a b***h, ain’t it?” she added.

LeMay, however, admitted she feels sorry for the young man’s family because they lost their child.

“But at least Daunté was able to give them a son to carry on his generation, something I’ll never experience from my mine,” she added.

Another woman, identified only as CV, told Wright assaulted her and pointed a gun at her in an attempted robbery in December 2019.

And in 2017, Wright was arrested and charged with felony 1st-degree burglary of an occupied dwelling after breaking into his friend’s parent’s home.

At the time of his death, he was wanted for armed robbery and for choking a woman.

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