A reason for the State Dept blocking private rescue ops in Afghanistan


Dinesh D’Souza made note of the fact that two groups of people are standing in the way of evacuating stranded Americans and allies — the Taliban and the State Department. The State Department estimates the numbers of Americans still in Afghanistan very low, but that isn’t what rescuers are finding.

It’s obvious why the Taliban is holding up the six rescue planes in the Mazar-i-Sharif airport, D’Souza says, but why is the State Department holding up the evacuation?

Some say it’s incompetence. D’Souza thinks it’s something else. He thinks it’s to avoid embarrassment. If rescuers save Americans the US didn’t, it will make them look bad. He believes the State Department has blocked private rescue operations to save face and is envious of them.

We’d like to add to D’Souza’s observations that all the administration cares about is perception. It’s easy for them to get positive PR with deceit and connivance because they have the whole of the media on their side. The administration does seem evil enough to strand Americans over perceptions.

Don’t forget this is the administration that complained about the Taliban government not having women in the government’s senior leadership. In other words, there are only male terrorists in the government, they need female terrorists too — to be inclusive and all.

They’re crazy ideologues.


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