A Tale of Two Presidents in the War of Good and Evil


Former President Trump was at a wake on Long Island for a murdered police officer today. President Joe Biden was at a fundraiser with millionaires and billionaires in New York City, not even 40 miles away.

NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller was murdered at age 31 by a career criminal, accompanied by another career criminal. Guy Rivera, the criminal who killed Officer Diller, had 21 prior arrests, all serious charges. The criminals were allegedly staking out a location for a robbery. Jonathan’s wife, Stephanie, invited Mr. Trump, and the police wanted him to come.

New York City officials claim crime is going down. It is, and the main reason is that people don’t report crimes because no one will do anything about it. Rivera wasn’t in prison, free to kill, because of progressive values and laws.


The Fundraiser

On the other hand, Biden plans to raise $25 million tonight from millionaires and billionaires. He’s in New York and could go to Massapequa Park, but he won’t. He is at Radio City Music Hall.

Late-night talk show host Stephen Colbert will moderate a conversation with the three presidents.

The event will be hosted by actress Mindy Kaling and feature musical performances from Lizzo, Queen Latifah, and Lea Michele.

First Lady Jill Biden will host an after-party for 500 guests. The president’s coke head son, Hunter Biden, and his most recent family are also attending.

The tickets are priced between $225 and half-a-million dollars.

For $100,000, guests can get a picture with all three presidents, with star photographer Annie Leibovitz taking the snaps.

Biden is hanging out with people who want to defund the police. Mr. Trump is hanging out with the police to honor a fallen officer who a career criminal murdered in the pro-crime city.

Mr. Trump gave a generous donation to Tunnels for Towers, and the charity immediately turned around and said they would pay off the family’s mortgage.

KJP Won’t Say His Name

On the other hand, at the White House, KJP won’t even say Jonathan Diller’s name. He’s just the “officer” to her.

The Revolving Door for Criminals in Progressiveland

Remember Laken Riley? Donald Trump visited her family, and Biden thinks her name is Lincoln.

Biden apologized for calling her illegal alien criminal “illegal” and didn’t apologize for getting Laken’s name wrong.

This is what the election is about.

Erick Erickson does a good job here. As he says, Jonathan Diller is dead at 31 because a violent career criminal had a revolving door out of prison.

Seven minutes of Progressives saying they want to defund the police.

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