Border Patrol Union President Warns of a Coming Amnesty


National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd told the New York Post on Wednesday that the Biden administration reduces the number of migrant encounters at the southern border by flying illegal migrants into the country. He also said he expects an “amnesty program in the future” to accommodate the millions who have come into the country since the president took office in January 2021.

Democrats are desperate, and Biden is talking about amnesty for people here for 10 years. He is going to do this via executive order. In other words, we’re under a dictatorship.

“They’re just paroling people in through airports rather than having them come across the border,” Judd told the Post. “They’re just gonna keep the numbers at around 5,000 [border crossings per day], parole people in, and say, ‘Oh, look, we cut our numbers down.'”

He said the number of encounters is “astronomically high” compared to the past two administrations.

“We’re still five times higher than what we should be,” Judd continued, “but lower than those record number of apprehensions at the southern border.”

Biden gives legal status to 30,000 illegal migrants a month, and a Texas court allowed it. Less than 1% of Biden’s CBP One App applicants were rejected.


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