A Trial No One Knows About That Could Tip The Scales Towards Republicans on Healthcare


The trial of Senator Robert Menendez, a sitting Democrat senator in New Jersey, is a very big deal. It begins next month and it is very possible that he will be convicted. This would give Governor Christie an opportunity to appoint a Republican senator in his place, tipping the balance of power in the Senate in favor of GOP measures like healthcare.

As appeals go on, it will probably drag on past next January, but one can always hope.

The MSM has kept this very quiet.

Menendez, who insisted Egypt include the Muslim Brotherhood in their government, has repeatedly, over the years, refused to “dignify” accusations against him with a defense.

As it happens, Menendez just got some very bad news. The judge overseeing his case has a history of being very tough on corrupt politicians.

Politico reported:that Judge William Walls has made it his personal crusade to impose harsh sentences on officials who violate the public trust.

“We, the people of the United States, are sick and tired of political and public officials being on the take,” said Judge William Walls in 2015, when he imposed a 70-month sentence on a Union County official who admitted stealing about $120,000 from the county.

If found guilty on all 12 counts, Menendez is facing decades in prison.  He is accused of exchanging government favors for lavish personal rewards that amount to a lot more than $120,000.

Menendez’s corruption seems to have been found out after he bucked the Democrat Party over Cuba.


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