An Important Joe Rogan Interview with Alex Berenson


Alex Berenson appeared with Joe Rogan to discuss the new push to vaccinate everyone. It’s an important 4-minute clip. You might want to listen to it.

“I guess I’m gonna be stuck beating this drum for I don’t know how long,” Berenson began, “we do not know what the long-term effects of the mRNA vaccines are, and it is, I would go beyond borderline; I would say, it is immoral and unethical to keep using those right now. If you’re gonna insist on giving people COVID vaccines, there are simpler, cheaper ways…”

They discussed how uncomfortable it is to talk about the fact that people would sell things that don’t work just to make money and put you at risk to do it.

Rogan asked Berenson if it was true that they only tested this on ten mice. Berenson said, “Yes, that is correct. [People should also know that most of the mice didn’t make it.]

“Pfizer literally, ten mice, yes, not a joke .”

Pfizer and Moderna made about $120 billion on these vaccines with taxpayer dollars, and about $40 billion worth of the vaccines were thrown out because people didn’t want them. The government still paid for them.

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