A Web of Radicals Are Coming for More Than Your Gas Stoves


Consumer Product Safety Commissioner Richard Trumka Jr. threatened a federal ban on natural gas stoves and that is only the beginning of the globalists’ plan. They have quite a few bans in the works.

CPSC commissioner Richard Trumka Jr. presented debunked research from the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health that claimed that natural gas stoves are a “hidden hazard” and added that “Any option is on the table. Products that can’t be made safe can be banned.”

The study did not include new research but relied on past studies that had been ridiculed, including one that tested the emissions from a gas stove in a room sealed off entirely with plastic tarps.

The fake study, used by CPSC, warned that gas stoves promote asthma in kids. It was partly funded by RMI, a group that seeks to “accelerate the clean energy transition.” It was co-authored by Brady Seals, the manager of RMI’s Carbon-Free Buildings arm, which aims to retrofit buildings with electric appliances., Todd Hustin reports at The Western Journal.

In turn, RMI, which used the study to promote stove electrification, has received at least $1 million in donations from Breakthrough Energy, a “green energy” investment firm founded by Bill Gates, as well as the Bezos Earth Fund and Bloomberg Philanthropies, according to the 2022 RMI donors report, Hustin writes.


A web of environmental groups is stepping up the campaign to persuade states and local communities to switch to all-electric energy even though our grid cannot handle it and it’s not the best power source.

The Rocky Mountain Institute, the Sierra Club, and other radical green groups are working successfully to ban gas stoves and other gas appliances in communities throughout the U.S. as part of an extremist move to implement a net-zero global economy by 2050.

According to The Washington Times, “some observers say the effort gained momentum in July 2019 during a two-day meeting hosted by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund at the Rockefeller family mansion in Pocantico, New York. The strategy session paired dozens of high-ranking state officials with green energy groups, including the Rocky Mountain Institute, the Georgetown Climate Center, and the Energy Foundation.

They devised ways to accelerate the elimination of natural gas and other fossil fuels and speed conversion in communities to renewable-based electricity.

“Government officials invited to the event included Dale Bryk, then New York state’s deputy secretary for energy and environment; Nik Blosser, then chief of staff in the Oregon governor’s office; Janet Coit, who at the time was director of the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management; Chris Davis, senior adviser to Washington Gov. Jay Inslee; and Kathleen Frangione, chief policy adviser to New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy.”

The agenda included “net-zero buildings” and “carbon pricing strategies,” including a carbon tax.


They strategized ways to make it happen at all levels of government.

Notes from the event written by Michael Northrop, director for the sustainable development grant program at the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, said that “states need a roadmap for how to get off natural gas” and “buildings may be the best first target for moving beyond gas.”

“Eco-activist groups are the left’s best way to push unpopular climate and energy policies on the country, which is why they’re among the best-funded organizations in Washington politics,” said Hayden Ludwig, a senior investor at the Capital Research Center. “What’s frightening is that eco-activists are in the driver’s seat of Biden’s agenda, making climate extremism part of every federal agency’s priorities. That includes expanding the war on coal to a crusade against the natural gas heating our homes, fueling our stoves, and powering our electric grid. They’ve already gained victories in Massachusetts, New York, and California but won’t stop there.


The DOE plans to give homes and cars energy scores. It will determine their value and whether you can get a loan for them. They are beginning with small buildings and then large, and eventually your home. They’re already doing it in cities like Portland. Cars are also on the chopping block.

They hope to eventually mandate all buildings be retrofitted to meet the new requirements and will offer predatory “green loans.” Landlords will do it or lose their properties.

Smart meters will be everywhere, and they will control your usage at some point.

Some things will become too expensive for the middle class.


According to Ben Lieberman, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, there’s “bad news for every room in the house.”

“There’s bad news for almost every room in the house,” Lieberman told Fox News Digital. “Climate activists and the Biden administration want homeowners to stop using natural gas and to electrify everything. That would affect appliances that come in natural gas and electric versions, such as stoves, but also heating systems and water heaters.

They want to ban all natural gas appliances, but it won’t end there. They want zero fossil fuels, although we have nothing to replace them, and a grid that can’t everything with electricity. In fact, if everything goes electric, the government will have total control of everything you do involving energy.


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1 year ago

Here’s an idea. Allow California to impose all this craziness on its Citizens. They seem to want it anyway. Then take a good hard look at the 3rd World Nation it will produce.

We see this stupidity in New York (including New England) and California. We see both States having a net outward migration. Normal people do not fuel the seeds of their extermination, but Liberals seem to embrace their extermination. I just don’t like the idea of them trying to take me along for the ride.

California, the richest State in the Union, has the most homelessness in the Nation. Mississippi, the Poorest State in the Union, as the least Homelessness. Why is this? Mississippi also has the largest Black Population in America, it is also the most Religious State, It is Solid Bright Red, and crime is under the National Average.

So in what claims to be the most educated country in the World (LOL) why do Liberals create and live in cesspools? Liberals seem to love crime ridden Big Blue Cities. One must consider that most of the Craziest WOKE Crap comes from Academia where people never seem to hold real jobs and are very Dependent on Government. Imagine Colleges without Government backed Student Loans and Government Research Grants. The idea of not cooking with gas can only come from the Halls of Academia who apparently Launder Chinese Grants to Politicians.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago

I would like to note that the kerfuffle is not about all gas stoves. The key ingredient in natural gas is methane CH4. It is a one carbon molecule. It is reported to be more dangerous in the environment as a greenhouse gas than CO2.* Natural gas contains other ingredients that may be harmful.
Propane is a synthesize product with with a three carbon chain C3H8, without the other ingredients of Natural gas. It is a clean fuel. It burns differently than natural gas and a gas stove needs different nozzles for propane than methane.
It seems that there was not a call for a ban on all gas stoves, but on natural gas stoves.
Natural gas can be used to make propane.
LNG refers to liquified natural gas and is a means of transporting gas to other locations with ships. Propane is carried as LNP. If you have a portable barbecue with bottles in is most like LPN.

*Note: the environmental fuss about CO2 is a bad joke. Plants use CO2 as food and without it plants die. No more spinach for Popeye! 

1 year ago

Trumka jr., son of senior. Another leftist democrat creep. Senior died last year. They aren’t taking away any stoves.

John Vieira
John Vieira
1 year ago

You WILL be assimilated!!!