You Say What? EU Puts Bug Additives in Food?


bug additives

The European Union is responsible for bug additives being put into food. One large German company had requested to put cricket powder in all food.

The normalization of eating bugs is a goal of the World Economic Forum.

It has been approved, but it’s not only crickets. Mealworms and grasshoppers are also approved.

Since the globalists want the peasants to eat bugs, many believe this is a foot in the door for climate ideologues to impose their beliefs. They believe that we should not eat meat but rather bugs.

Don’t believe these people when they say bugs are good for you. They aren’t unless you want parasites. Be careful when the propaganda begins.

Today it’s cricket powder, mealworms, and grasshoppers, tomorrow the whole world of bugs could be on your plate.


The Blaze also reports that the official journal of the EU, a company called Cricket One submitted an application in 2019 seeking authorization to place partially defatted house cricket powder on the market as a novel food.

The company sought to clear it for use in the manufacture of various foods, such as “multigrain bread and rolls, crackers and breadsticks, cereal bars, dry pre-mixes for baked products, biscuits, dry stuffed and non-stuffed pasta-based products … beer-like beverages, chocolate confectionary … and meat preparations,” The Blaze says.

The EFSA concluded in early 2022 that cricket powder was “safe under the proposed conditions of use and use levels,” despite admitting that there was “limited published evidence on food allergy related to insects in general, which equivocally linked the consumption of [house crickets] to a number of anaphylaxis events,” The Blaze continues.

As of Jan. 24, 2023, Cricket One can peddle its pest feed in Europe.

Bloomberg indicated that yellow mealworms and grasshoppers have similarly been approved.

Prepare for new allergies in peoples’ lives and who knows what else.

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1 year ago

As usual, the majority of people are unaware of what’s in store for them. Although, I remember hearing about eating bugs during the Obama reign. And if you dared to mention it, family and friends thought you’ve lost your mind.

Last edited 1 year ago by Martha
1 year ago

If you eat Bugs, You are a 3rd World Nation!

John Vieira
John Vieira
1 year ago

“Let them eat cake”…which was misinterpreted – this is not!!!