ABC news ‘reporter’ stalks paramedic over a $10 donation to Kyle Rittenhouse


Last week, The Guardian reported that donors to a Christian charity gave thousands in very small donations to Kyle Rittenhouse, the teen is accused of murder after he shot three radical leftists, and killed two, in what appears to be, according to available videos, a case of self-defense.

No one is allowed to suggest he is innocent on Twitter, but you can convict Kyle Rittenhouse on the platform. Reporters are taking the same approach — he’s guilty and no one can donate to him.

Public officials and police and military officers donated to him in small amounts. The reason we know who the donors are is that the hackers, DDOS, hacked the charity and published the donors’ list.

The cancel culture immediately jumped on the opportunity along with some sleazy journalists who are part of that Stalinesque culture.

Sleazy Reporter

Take Jason Nguyen, a reporter from ABC’s Salt Lake City affiliate in Utah, as one example.
He actually showed up at the home of a paramedic, a private citizen, who only gave $10 to Rittenhouse.

The paramedic can give it to anyone he wants. But, apparently, Nguyen thinks this is a news story although it is hacked information about private citizens. Not only did he track the man down, he plastered photos on his home on his Twitter page.

Nguyen said he wants this private citizen’s “side” of the story.

He was slammed on Twitter, mostly by people on the Right, but not all. Hopefully, they can outshout the cancel culture.

“A Utah paramedic donated to the defense fund of Kyle Rittenhouse. It was first reported in the @guardian this morning. Rittenhouse is accused of killing two protesters in Kenosha, WI. I tried to get the paramedic’s [sic] side of things. See the story tonight at 10p on @abc4utah,” Nguyen wrote to accompany a photo taken as he knocked on the paramedic’s front door.

He plastered the photo on his Twitter page for his followers, some of whom are lunatics.

Nguyen doubled down and noted the paramedic used his government email. It probably took the man a minute but this reporter wants the paramedic fired.

ABC News’s Star Reporter Was Slammed

This reporter was slammed far worse than anyone has been in a while. He deserves it. Look at some of the comments.

“Far too many journalists are willing to destroy the life of a private citizen doing nothing and bothering no one at a moment’s notice. It’s frightening and un-American,” NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck responded. He also wrote on Nguyen’s Twitter post, “This is pathetic and un-American. Hope you’re satisfied.”

Pundit Robby Starbuck asked, “Are you trying to get him killed?” Several others posted the same comment.

Political pundit Stephen L. Miller added, “If you don’t like the enemy of the people label, perhaps stop acting like such.”

“Some journalists go to war zones. Some confront security state agencies and repressive regimes. Some uncover the fraudulent schemes of Wall Street tycoons. And then some bullies abuse the profession to harass and expose private, powerless people,” journalist Glenn Greenwald wrote. Greenwald then asked, “I wonder what this journalist would say if someone showed up uninvited at his door to ‘get his side of the story,’ and put pictures of the front of his house and posted it on Twitter for all to see?”

Reporter Jack Posobiec described him as a “Scum bag.”

Republican communications director, Matt Whitlock wrote, “Wait, showing up on a private citizen’s doorstep with cameras based on leaked information about private donations?! How is that appropriate?”

Radio personality Jason Rantz recommended he “Consider a new line of work.”

Data guru Justin Hart asked “Well you’re about the worst person in the world Jason. Go bother an elected official about their terrible response to COVID or something. Why are you harassing a private citizen. [sic] Agenda much?!”

Rita Panahi showed him the ‘approval of the media graph’:

Reporter Mike Cernovich reminded Nguyen, “Stalking is a crime.”


Nguyen said in response, “Me going to his house is to get his side of the story. I do the same thing to those who have crimes alleged against them, that goes for both sides of the law. It’s so we make every attempt to get the [other side] so that we are balanced, and that there is video proof of it.”

And it wasn’t a crime for the paramedic to give $10 through a charity to a teen who was convicted in the press by the media. Nguyen doesn’t need the side of a private citizen who donated $10. What Nguyen is saying is if you give a dime to Rittenhouse, we will find you, track you down, and try to ruin your life.

The stalker is Emmy-nominated!

Get lost you loser!

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