Abdi Nur exposed Omar’s brother-husband affair, now he has a message for the public


The man who first exposed Rep. Ilhan Omar’s purported marriage to her brother in an alleged immigration scam has been in fear for his life. He says her groupies harass and threaten him. Abdihakin Nur asked Scott Johnson of the powerline blog to post his message to the public.  We thought our readers would be interested so we are cross-posting.

Omar, if that’s her real name, is allegedly under investigation by the FBI, Immigration Services, and the Department of Education. If she’s guilty, it would be best if justice caught up to her.


My name is Abdihakin Osman Nur and I live in Minneapolis Minnesota. I am an American citizen. I am the person who spoke to the media and said that Ilhan Omar married her brother and made legal papers for him to stay in America. I confirmed that the marriage was fraudulent and that I was personally aware since I was a close friend and neighbor to both Ahmed Hirsi and Ilhan Omar. It is also an open secret in the Minnesota Somali community but everyone is afraid of problems from supporters of Ilhan Omar, at least one of whom has a felony criminal record.

This issue started in August of 2016 and the first media person whom I spoke to was Scott Johnson, who writes for Power Line. I shared his posts on my Facebook [page] and I was met with vicious online harassment and threats including insulting me for being in a wheelchair and insults to my person as a disabled man. They [i.e., Abdi’s Somali harassers] caricatured me as wearing diapers. I finally decided to put them on all the things that they were doing in suppressing the information through intimidation and threats and so I told the writer of Daily Mail to put it on the record.

Since that day I have received veiled threats about my safety, insults online and threats of a set-up in which to have me locked up. I have had fake complaints to try and shut my Facebook [page] down. They have also told a media personality on YouTube to threaten me and she did so live on a YouTube video.

I would like to inform the public and the government of the USA. If anything were to happen to me and my safety that Ilhan Omar and her team will be responsible. I also ask for the support of the American people in case I’m set up or something happens to me because I have talked.

Thanks for your help and understanding.

Abdihakin Osman Nur
My Facebook name XERTA SHEKH

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