Abolishing ICE! Radical leftist to head ICE prosecutions


The Biden administration picked a pro-sanctuary city attorney to run ICE prosecutions. She was a Boston immigration rights attorney. She is an open borders activist.

With her in charge and the Biden rules banning ICE from doing their job, ICE is almost abolished.

The attorney has publicly endorsed sanctuary laws for illegal aliens. Kerry Doyle will serve as Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s top prosecutor. The Washington Free Beacon obtained the information from an internal memo.

“Throughout her legal practice in Boston, Ms. Doyle worked closely with the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition and Massachusetts Law Reform Institute providing technical assistance and public testimony and various immigration-related policy issues before the state legislature and Boston City Council,” the ICE memo reads.

Doyle, an outspoken hater of ICE on Beacon Hill, called ICE “out of control” during January 2020 hearing over the Safe Communities Act, which would limit how state and local municipalities interact with federal immigration enforcement.

She is a typical ACLU type and led lawsuits against the Trump administration’s Muslim Ban and deportation of Iranian students.




  1. The world soviet is the goal and only those who submit to the evil will be allowed to live.
    You can see the gun grabbing push getting going on the enemedia agitprop reports down to local.
    That kind of coordination means SoroSatan bankrolling and I first heard of him circa 2006BO (Before Obama) because he financed the Chicago CPUSA Long March comrade.
    The former USA will be turned a third world sewer so that it can be absorbed into the global CCP serf colony.
    Making citizenship worthless and open to the world is just one step of many.

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