About Biden’s LNG Deal, It’s a Hoax


Biden’s LNG speech was highlighted by the media as if it was an accomplishment, but it’s a hoax. It’s more of the same in the guise of coming to the EU’s rescue with oil and gas.

The U.S. will allegedly work to ensure 15 billion cubic meters of liquefied natural gas shipments are directed to Europe this year to help the continent quit Russian energy imports. They are talking about 50 billion cubic meters of American fuel but not until at least 2030. That’s EIGHT YEARS from now.

The EU requires nearly 400 BILLION CUBIC METERS of LNG in a year according to Statista. And they rely on Russia for 40% of that, which is roughly 160 billion cubic meters. We’re coming up with 15 billion cubic meters now and 50 billion in eight years.

It will come from the US but we won’t ramp up oil or gas production. How does that work? It has to come from shipments diverted from South America and Asia. That will go over rather badly. It will also come from sacrificing usage by Americans.

It will take EIGHT YEARS to reduce the EU’s dependence on Russian gas by a little more than THIRTY PERCENT. At the same time, the US won’t be doing anything to increase US gas production. Does that 30+% include windmills and solar? Yes! See what’s happening here?

This needs immediate action, not action 8 years out.

To recap, in 8 years, we will help The EU reduce its dependence on Russia by 30+% while destroying our own fossil fuel industry. We will all be reliant on unsustaining windmills and solar.

The leftists in charge will make it too expensive for us to drive or heat and cool our homes.

There is a joint task force among the US and the EU and the solution will be political, meaning the people will have nothing to do with it.


“The United States will work with international partners and strive to ensure additional LNG volumes for the EU…of at least 15 bcm in 2022, with expected increases going forward.” [50bcm by 2030]

Here’s what they are really doing — rushing to windmills and solar:

The White House said the joint task force has two primary goals—diversification of LNG supplies to align with climate objectives and “reducing demand for natural gas” by accelerating “deployment of clean energy measures.

This is just more of what we’ve been hearing — we will speed our way to alternative energy in the next eight years, but not nuclear, not hydrogen, just windmills and solar.

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