Tucker Monologue: ‘No More Flying Cars’


Symbols of American farming: tractor and flag on summer day

As Tucker said last night, we can’t talk about flying cars any longer when we face food shortages.

As of the start of 2020, Chinese investors owned about 192,000 acres of U.S. agricultural land valued at about $1.9 billion, according to Politico. While Chinese land ownership in the U.S. is less than that of other foreign nations, the growth in Chinese land ownership is part of an overall trend in China rapidly buying up other countries’ farmland over more than a decade.

In foreign countries, China’s farm purchases are ten-fold. They will one day control the food supply if not stopped.

In this monologue, Tucker addresses that issue and the three things people must get from their government, food, water, and energy. Are we getting that from Biden’s hard-left policies?

Tucker addresses our future Third World America and the sanctions lie, and a lot more with his customary irony.


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