Absolute Absurdity of Authoritarian COVID Policies


By Thomas Alexander Miller

This is an anecdotal story to explain the absolute absurdity in some of the authoritarian policies stemming from Covid.

I went into a local thrift shop last Monday and walked around the store for about thirty minutes checking out items and old movies and CDs. When I was ready to pay, I placed all of my items on the counter and the first words out of the clerk’s mouth were “it’s my policy to check and see proof of vaccination before I will allow you to buy these things. Do you have proof of vaccination?”

I asked if she was the owner and she replied “yes.”

I politely said to her, “I don’t carry around my personal medical records everywhere I go, and even if I did, I wouldn’t feel comfortable showing them to a random stranger.”

She replied, “then your business isn’t welcome here.”

A bit baffled, I shook my head and replied, “I just spent thirty minutes in your store touching items and shopping around. If I was sick or contagious everything I’ve just put on the counter and touched in the store is potentially infectious now. What is the point of your policy if it’s not going to prevent contamination?”

She then replied, in a very defensive tone, “are you threatening me?”

That was the end of the transaction.

Point is, what would a vaccine mandate accomplish without the destruction of privacy and the overabundance of government oversight into your every movement? Absolutely nothing.


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1 year ago

She being vaxed( 251 times the viral load) was a bigger threat to you than you are to her.

John Vieira
John Vieira
1 year ago

Systemic Ignorance HAS morphed into Systemic Stupidity a la covid…

Remember Nuremberg Code
Remember Nuremberg Code
1 year ago

The local book/music store is like that and they are almost out of businesses.
They seem to think we are in California or Illinois or some other CPUSA occupied zone.
My policy is if they demand a mask or get on some Karen/Ken power trip then I turn around and walk out.
Free market (not crony) capitalism guarantees that there will be a business with a more open mind regarding the biomedical police state global Coviet.
This whole COV-LARP gives their lives some meaning and they will only follow orders.