Biden’s Staff Screams Insanely When Reporters Ask Questions


Biden’s staff tried to push reporters out before Joe Biden could answer a question following a presser. They kept screaming as they ushered them out, “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” Biden’s staff is terrified of how he might answer a question so he isn’t generally allowed to answer one.

Biden defied them and answered one this time.

A reporter asked Biden about his strategy for convincing Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) to vote his approve the president’s highly unpopular “Build Back Better” bill.

“No, look, I told you when I speak to senators to try to – or house members, or governors, or any other elected official, to try to convince them that what I’m proposing makes sense and is not inconsistent with what they believe, um, I do that and then I’ll discuss it afterwards,” Biden said.

He’s probably going to be in trouble for answering, despite not sounding crazy. He kept looking over to the screaming Mimi staff.


If you are thinking this is crazy, it is, but what’s crazier is that Americans don’t seem to care that we have a dementia-ridden figurehead in the presidency.

This is why he’s silenced:

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