Accused: Hundreds of Chicago Teachers Groomed, Sexually Assaulted Children


Hundreds of teachers in Chicago’s public school system raped, sexually assaulted, or groomed students or engaged in policy violations over the past four years, according to a report released this week.

According to a report released by Chicago Public Schools’ Office of the Inspector General, the 2021-2022 school year saw 772 investigations into teachers for allegedly raping, sexually assaulting, or grooming students.

The report was released on Sunday. At least 70 allegations were substantiated in the 21-22 school year.

One OIG investigation concluded one teacher groomed and sexually assaulted a 17-year-old student three times. That teacher was charged with multiple counts of sexual assault. After a November 2022 trial, the teacher was acquitted on all counts, the report said, despite evidence provided by the student and social media records.

Yet another incident involved a teacher asking “a fourth-grade student why her lips were chapped, and then stated that the student’s lips were chapped because she was ‘sucking dick.’”

One gym teacher exposed himself to a sophomore girl and sent a different 15-year-old student “photos and videos of himself masturbating and engaged in other sexual acts.”

Another investigation revealed a former JROTC staff member had sex with a high school girl over the course of a year when she was 16 to 17 years old, the report said. The OIG said the girl was also given alcohol and marijuana and purchased marijuana for him, the OIG said.

The pair also exchanged hundreds of text messages and calls.

“I’m ready to f— right now … I’m not gonna be gentle either,” one message read, the report said.  When the staffer learned he might be investigated, he threatened to kill the girl and her family.

One high school teacher allegedly exchanged 4,000 text messages with a female student, including 400 in one day. The teacher said he was in an open marriage and was “attracted to other people.”

Other incidents included a high school gym teacher allegedly exposing himself to a female student.

The report said that one charter school administrator took a high school junior to a Broadway play in downtown Chicago when he touched her leg during the performance. After the show, while driving the student home, he “slid his hand down inside of the front of the student’s pants and touched his genitals.”.

In a statement to Fox News Digital, Mary Fergus, executive director of media relations for the school district, said education officials support the “work to investigate all issues of misconduct among our 40,000 team members.”

“As a District, we take seriously our responsibility to serve our families with integrity and to address individuals who breach CPS policies and the public’s trust and hold them accountable,” she said. “CPS will continue to ensure our District policies and procedures support the highest ethical standards to ensure our valued team members act in the best interest of our students.”

She noted that the district had taken action against those engaged in wrongdoing.

Maybe they should do a better job in hiring and stop teaching CRT, Gender Ideology, Sex, and start teaching academics.

CORRECTION: We removed the following from the Yahoo article until we corrected the genders from the actual report (correction below):

This is from the actual report:

Although theater records showed that the charter school had purchased approximately 60 tickets to the musical for a group outing occurring just the day before, the administrator took the student to the show alone the following day. During the performance, the student said that the administrator touched the student’s leg with his own. Then, after the show, while driving the student home, the administrator slid his hand down inside of the front of the student’s pants and touched his genitals.

The OIG’s investigation of the administrator for this incident was initiated after a series of outcries by the student on social media in mid-2021 (when the student was well into his 20s). In the posts, the student alluded to the incident of sexual abuse in the administrator’s vehicle following the musical, but also to the abuse he suffered during a relationship with the administrator for nearly a decade following his graduation from the charter school.

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4 months ago

“The report said that one charter school administrator took a high school junior to a Broadway play in downtown Chicago when he touched her leg during the performance. After the show, while driving the student home, he “slid his hand down inside of the front of the student’s pants and touched his genitals.”.”

An amazing gender change from female to maale in the course of one paragraph. Aspersions placed upon the entirety of the article.

4 months ago

While Chicago is a Cesspool, the rest of Illinois is a pretty Conservative State. The people of Illinois need to get the State Police to go after these people and hold the trials outside of the Chicago Cesspool.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
4 months ago

Chicagoans are hopelessly ignorant. That includes the educated and uneducated. The school are awful places in many ways. The city government works against the people. The citizens will take it forever.

4 months ago

Title/caption could be deliberted false and mis-leading ploy to darken the crime more deeply. Practically all of the examples are high school level students and not “children ” as is put. Children denotes Elementary whereas teenagers denote High school. Of course both cases are atrocities against honour and morality. A bravo use in reporting tactics to make events more significant and eye-opening.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
4 months ago
Reply to  Chas

The reported events are very significant as is. Focusing on terminology is a distraction. You may be a product of the junk Chicago schools, judging by your writings. In the law, 17 or below is a crime. What part of the CPS or union are you with?

4 months ago

All this type of behavior that went on in the schools also goes on in the community. You see this behavior in videos of twerking and other nonsense, dressing like whores, fighting and committing criminal acts and the males acting like gangsters and good for nothings. Its a break down of their culture. Funny but what is the race of most of these incidents? You don’t have to tell me.