Accused Pedophile Woody Allen Is “Sad” for Harvey Weinstein


Accused pedophile Woody Allen has come out in defense of sexual molester Harvey Weinstein because he feels “sad” for him. Woody Allen himself had been accused of assaulting his daughter Dylan when she was seven years old. He later married Soon-Yi Previn the daughter of his live-in girlfriend of 12 years, Mia Farrow.

Woody Allen with his future wife Soon-Yi Previn

Woody Allen defended Harvey Weinstein over dozens of allegations of sexual abuse and rape, describing the situation as “sad”.

The director, who worked with Weinstein a number of times, said he was upset “for everyone involved” and lamented the fact that Weinstein’s life “is so messed up.”

Allen’s own son Ronan provided potential evidence against Weinstein with a scathing indictment and lots of witness testimony in New York Magazine.

Woody said he hoped the investigation into alleged abuse would provide some respite to victims, he is very worried about a witch hunt against men.

Mia Farrow split with Woody after she found out he was having an affair with her adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn.

His seven-year old daughter Dylan accused him of assaulting him but charges were dropped.

Weinstein saved Allen’s career at the time and they collaborated on a number of other films.

Allen married Soon-Yi in 1997, but admitted he thought it wouldn’t be serious at the beginning – until he realized how well their “dynamic” worked.

“I started the relationship with her and I thought it would just be a fling. It wouldn’t be serious, but it had a life of its own,” he told NPR. ‘And I never thought it would be anything more.

How lovely. At the time, he was under such assault, if he didn’t marry Soon-Yi, his career would definitely have been over.

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