ACLU Demands an End to Rule of Law on Immigration, It’s “Hateful”


The ACLU, a far-left group of radical lawyers, wants open borders and amnesty for all it appears. They qualify as a hate group and hope to decide what the USA will look like in the future.

The President recently offered a very good deal on DACA at risk to his political future. Many of his base supporters find it is too expansive and damaging to the rule of law.

The deal includes, for the first time, real border security for a path to citizenship for not 800,000, but 1.8 million DACA. It also greatly limits chain migration. Up until now, illegals and immigrants got to decide who the new immigrants will be, not citizens, and it’s all because of chain migration.

The deal set off the Hell storm attack from the hard-left ACLU who slammed it as a “hateful proposal” not seen since the Klan marched up and down our streets. They said “the supposed generosity” was the work of “white supremacists”.

They then referenced the so-called “bipartisan” talks with the Gang of Six leftists (that includes Lindsey Graham).

Everything said by the hard-left ACLU — which originated with Soviets — should be DOA.

Lunatics of the hard-left.

The ACLU isn’t done. They will fight for their open borders and try to destroy anyone who wants the rule of law restored. They will do it for foreigners who are more likely to be of the far-left politically. What country in the world does this? We are a nation, not a pass-through for migrants who will one day vote for Democrat Socialists. The ACLU and some politicians want you to believe anything less is racist and KKK-ish. Never mind that Democrats are the statists who ran the Klan.

The partisan hack senator from New York Chuck Schumer, as is his practice, said the opposite of the truth.

Sarah Sanders responded:

The recent “bipartisan” deal gave Republicans nothing for a promise of future border security.

Democrats won’t accept any deal, that’s clear. The left must believe they are better off with no deal, continuing with open borders and chain migration while weaponizing immigration to bash Republicans and get themselves back into the seat of power.

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