ACLU Ghostwrote Amber Heard’s WaPo Article Defaming Johnny Depp


One fact came out of the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial that should concern people. The Washington Post article defaming Johnny Depp with Amber Heard’s byline was ghostwritten by the ACLU. Heard promised to pay out $7 million, half to the ACLU and half to a children’s hospital. She never paid up.

The ACLU, responding to numerous articles criticizing it for not just abandoning its core free speech and due process values but “violating” them, admits: “There is no question some on the left are less committed to free speech than they once were.”

Several years ago, they announced that they were going to become partisans. They always were very far left, just not out in the open. In an article defending themselves for the defamation piece in The Nation, their defense was they never stopped defending free speech.

As if that isn’t enough, they’re going after the victim for document prep.

Meanwhile, the cancel culture is out to get Amber Heard. There is a petition to get her dropped from the movie, Aquaman, and as a UN ambassador for women. She’s also a L’Oréal model. They’ll go after that too.

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