ACLU, Sierra Club, SBCC demand Biden tear down all border walls


In addition to endless lawsuits, the American Civil Liberties Union, on behalf of the Sierra Club and themselves, and the Southern Border Communities Coalition want more than just the end of the building of the Wall.

The emboldened communists want the entire wall torn down.


Dror Ladin, senior staff attorney with the ACLU’s National Security Project, said in an ACLU press release, “It’s time for the Biden administration to step up for border communities, and commit to mitigating environmental damage and tearing down the wall.”

“We are relieved to see a pause on wall construction while the Biden administration decides whether to defend Trump’s illegal and disastrous national emergency declaration,said Gloria Smith, managing attorney at the Sierra Club. “Ultimately, the destructive border wall must be torn down. Constructing a wall has stripped environmental, cultural, and health protections from border communities bulldozed through Tribal sites and burial grounds and left irreversible scars on wildlife habitat and local towns. The new administration must implement a new vision for the borderlands — one that protects human rights, Tribal sovereignty, and the environment.”

That is absurd and untrue. But it will destroy all of the USA’s boundaries. With this open-border policy, all that the USA stands for goes with it.

It should be noted that the drug trade and cartels work with tribes on the border.


“The wall itself is an immoral monument to settler-colonial destruction,” said the Sierra Club’s Christopher Basaldú, a member of the Carrizo Comecrudo Tribe of Texas. “This most recent executive order should be a critical first step in stopping and eventually dismantling this immoral wall and the connected systems of border militarization.”

That’s a communist mantra — settlers are colonialist killers.

Some groups are demanding more releases from immigration detention and a more aggressive approach to stopping deportations, despite a judge’s order halting Mr. Biden’s 100-day pause on removals.

Vicki B. Gaubeca, director of the Southern Border Communities Coalition, said, “It’s time to rethink how we govern our borders and move away from enforcement-only policies. She wants to move “towards a New Border Vision that upholds human rights and dignity for all people who live, work and travel through our borders.”

What she means by ‘human rights’ is the right of anyone to come freely into the United States. That would make us the only civilized country without borders.

Under these conditions, it won’t take long at all for cartels, working with the CCP, to take over the United States.

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