DCCC hires a trigga man who recently called the police Hitlerites


Tatro characterized looting as ‘protests against systemic racism’ in August.

Dyjuan Tatro has a new gig with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. What makes it unusual is he is an ex-gang member who slashed another gang member with a razor in 2002. That wasn’t all he did.

However, Tatro earned a bachelor’s degree and debated his jailhouse colleagues successfully. His successes made a PBS special and the future acclaim that landed him a top job in the DCCC.

Tatro also helped his imprisoned fellows. That was nice.


The DCCC spokesman Cole Leiter said in a tweet that the Post story about Mr. Trator was ‘trash.’ She said Mr. Tatro served his sentence and has since become “a national leader in a bipartisan movement to reform prison education systems.”

Leiter on Tuesday stressed that Mr. Tatro‘s arc from street thug to college graduate to respected voice was an inspiring one. The DCCC would have no further comment, she said.

Hmmm… maybe, the jury is out.


Social media tells another story.

Mr. Tatro has a long felony record. He was a “triggerman” with the Original Gangsta Killers, an Albany gang, according to The New York Post, which first reported on his hire at the DCCC. He also was convicted of two shootings in 2006 and a racketeering charge in 2011, before being paroled in 2017.

Tatro, who was tapped to be the senior adviser of strategic outreach in the diversity and inclusion department of the campaign arm of Democrats in the lower chamber, had a shaky history.

He was in prison because of “a six-year sentence for racketeering conspiracy,” the Post reported.

The Tweets

Several of his tweets have been deleted, according to Fox News. In one particularly disgusting thread posted two days after the January 6 Capitol incursion, he called the Capitol Police “white supremacists.”

“The Capitol police have a budget in excess of what it takes to police 2 major cities (ATL & Detroit) and yet they couldn’t secure 2 sq. miles. THIS IS NOT A RESOURCE PROBLEM, it’s a race problem, a power problem, an ideological problem,” he wrote.

“The answer to white supremacists storming the Capitol is not to give more money to a different group of white supremacists whose job it is to uphold white supremacy.”

This all happened shortly after a police officer died, and less than a month before his hiring was announced by the DCCC on Feb. 3.

In June, meanwhile — back when Tatro had set his name as “#DefundThePolice” — he compared law enforcement to Hitlerites.

“To all those people who want to reform the police because all cops aren’t bad, should we just go ahead and revive Nazism because all Nazis weren’t bad?” he tweeted.

“I didn’t think so. Case closed.”


Now, he’s a top advisor to the DCCC.

Let’s hope he truly is reformed since January 6th.

If only Democrats cared as much about victims and hired them into these positions. But, for some reason, they want to reform the worst or the seemingly worst.

Parler trashed the story by the NY Post describing who this man is, so we’ll try posting again. We will let you know how we made out.

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Dee Dee
Dee Dee
2 years ago

Crooks hiring criminals sounds about right.

2 years ago

No surprise here. The Democrats are forming Brown Shirts and SS! Welcome to O’Biden world!