Acosta tries to report live from Trump rally as crowd chants ‘CNN sucks’


Tonight, at Trump’s first rally in Florida since recovering from coronavirus, CNN fake news reporter Jim Acosta tried to film live when the fantastic crowd of Trump supporters started to chant, “CNN Sucks.”

Acosta was visibly angry but if he doesn’t like it, he should consider only covering Biden events with his minuscule audiences. Acosta only goes to these events to insult the President and his supporters. Now he has the mask virtue-signaling issue. Of course, CNN has no problem with protesters/rioters not wearing masks or social distancing.

The media, with CNN in the lead, is intent on pulling dead weight Joe over the finish line, and it must be frustrating for them. Their candidate is a disaster. The running mate is too. She’s unpopular and further to the left than communist Bernie.

I used to think it was too rude to chant insults at media, but after seeing how they operate, I think the patriots are fabulous.


What does ‘CNN Sucks’ have to do with catching coronavirus? What’s the connection? It’s too bad Acosta can’t control his temper, pity.

CNN does suck. They don’t report the news. They’re dishonest activists.

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