Biden’s teeny crowd in Cincinnati compared to Trump’s in Florida


Joe Biden’s drive-in rally earlier on Monday in Toledo, Ohio attracted the usual teeny crowd of enthusiastic supporters. In Florida, Trump’s crowd was massive. It makes you wonder about the polls, although we realize the crowd size could mean nothing.

There were also a bit more Trump supporters than Biden supporters greeting him outside the Toledo event with chants of “four more years!” (see below)

Biden also forgot he’s running for president and told Toledo voters he’s running for the senate.

Meanwhile, President Trump is holding a massive MAGA rally in Sanford, Florida.

Joe Biden attracts a teeny crowd and left the stage without his virtue-signaling mask:

The Trump supporters greeted him along with Biden supporters:



I don’t know what to make of this:

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Lavochkin vs. Focke Wulf
Lavochkin vs. Focke Wulf
3 years ago

Bwahaha! I pictured Hanz and Franz from SNL…you’re crowd is so puny.
Laughter is good and you should have some every day.