Act of courage and complete selflessness by a 6-year-old boy


A 6-year-old Wyoming boy is being hailed as a hero after his family said he was mauled protecting his younger sister from a ferocious dog attack.

Bridger Walker jumped in front of a dog last week as the dog was charging at his younger sister, according to his aunt, Nikki Walker, on Instagram.

Despite being bit several times on the cheek by the unspecified pooch breed, the boy was able to grab his sister’s hand and bring her to safety, his aunt said.

“If someone had to die, I thought it should be me,” he told his aunt, she said.

Bridger needed 90 stitches to close his wounds around his mouth, cheek and eye.

His aunt said the boy is now recovering at home and his wounds are “looking so much better.”

“He’s in great spirits, and his awesome personality is intact,” she wrote on Instagram.

The family isn’t upset with the dog owners and doesn’t blame them.

The aunt said she was only sharing the story in hopes of getting “some words of encouragement from his favorite heroes” — including actors Vin Diesel, Mark Ruffalo, Tom Holland and Chris Hemsworth.

“We love our brave boy and want all the other superheroes to know about this latest hero who joined their ranks,” she said.

What a selfless, wonderful little boy. Look at the sign in back of the photo — family. It looks like there is a photo of a firefighter or a police officer as well.

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