Trump admin ordered hospitals to bypass CDC with COV patient info


The Trump administration announced new COVID-19 reporting guidelines on Wednesday. Starting today hospitals will be ordered to bypass the CDC and send ALL COVID-19 patient information to a central database in Washington DC.

Former health officials acknowledged in interviews that the CDC’s data collection system is outdated and doesn’t meet the demands of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The CDC’s old data gathering operation once worked well monitoring hospital information across the country, but it’s an inadequate system today,” HHS spokesman Michael Caputo said in a statement to CNBC.

This was done in agreement with the CDC, Dr. Robert Redfield said.

“Today, the CDC still provides data from only 85 percent of hospitals; the President’s COVID response requires 100 percent to report,” Caputo said. “Today, the CDC still has at least a week lag in reporting hospital data; America requires it in real-time.”

Dr. Janis Orlowski, who serves on the working group formed by White House health advisor Dr. Deborah Birx to improve the national data reporting system, said the group was formed because the administration was concerned that some hospitals were misreporting or failing to report critical Covid-19 information to the CDC.

Orlowski, chief health care officer at the Association of American Medical Colleges, said most hospitals were doing their best to report up-to-date information but many were inundated with redundant requests from separate agencies.

Former CDC employees complained on the pages of the Washington Post that the administration continues to cast public doubt on the agency’s recommendations and role in informing and guiding the nation’s pandemic response.

It could be unfair but it could be because their numbers aren’t accurate and they are very political. They don’t inspire confidence. They only spend 10% of their huge budget on studying diseases.


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