Acting US Capitol Police Chief says militias want to blow up the Capitol during SOTU


Acting U.S. Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman said militias want to blow up the Capitol during the State of the Union. She presented no evidence. It’s probably going to be an excuse for Biden not giving a SOTU, which he is obviously incapable of giving.

If it’s true, they sure had a shortage of bombs. Maybe she was confused with Madonna.

We don’t believe her because these officials lie.

Madonna secretly wanted to blow up the White House:



  1. The dastardly right wing militia? Central casting productions called and said 1996 is over.
    Only a dumbed down dullard population would fall for any of this.
    This is the derp state equivalent of the dog ate my homework as Barry Soetoro found about people asking where is muh SOTU.

    O/T-saw a blurb at a page with a story about a school-wide email condeming a student for calling “racist” Candace Owens a trailblazer. It says Dailywire for the source.

    • I believe ANTFA/BLM/Black Bloc did and st5il do. The Democrats had much to do wit he incursion, you can’t say riot into the Capitol! They would and did use it to justify the wall and protect them as they do their great evil to America right now. Patriots had no Leaders and no objectives no plan! It was a protest only!

  2. There was NO armed insurrection, only a very badly led protest. Notice the authorities are slow walking the investigation on WHO those people were that lead the charge. Did anyone ever compare pictures of the crowds attending other Trump rallies to see if it was the same people? The news media apparently has already received their answer from the DNC. Now let’s do a proper investigation and find the truth. The protest was caused by the elected politicians ignoring the will of the people over looking into the irregularities that happened during the 2020 election. That and only that is the reason, but the media news deliberately reported what the DNC wanted.

    Our constitutionally limited representative Republic has now been turned into a democratically defined one party democracy.

  3. Well, here comes the next set-up to clamp down on any protests over what the illegitimate prez* is being told to do and say.
    I really think the commies are getting way over the tips of their skis. Of course, all of this nonsense is an attempt to provoke the 80+ million Trump supporters into taking some action that the current administration can react to with extreme measures to insure the safety of the elected offals.
    Trust me on this one. The left is gonna push on the law-abiding citizens until they can get a reaction that can be pointed to as another example of “insurrection”, then they will break out the major measures to quell the faux uprising. Just like they did for the capitol “break-in”.
    Just sayin’.

  4. This is what happens when you place a black in a position of some power, one that requires thought and planning. Average IQ hovering around 70, it’s no wonder they destroy pretty much everything they are given.

  5. Thank you for this article, it sheds some light on whom is really the paranoid ones.

    For instance, militia groups don’t want to destroy the Capitol. Militia groups want Government to run in a similar manner to how it was originally intended to run as delegated.

    They’re the ones who have surrounded themselves with the same objects to which they don’t want us surrounded.

    They’re the conspiracy theorists. Not militias. Militias are a defense. Not an offense. Militias didn’t burn half the country. Militias didn’t topple statues. Militias don’t play the knockout game. Militias didn’t destroy other people’s property. Militias aren’t pushing for the deletion of history.

  6. THESE NUMBNUTTS are really wigged out of their 1/2 watt brains……IF THE REPUBLICAN, right-wing, militias & ETC, really came after these DOLTS, they WOULD KNOW IT! NOTHING BUT PHONY TURDS in a bad sour punch bowl full of TURDS!

  7. This is a stupid statement only to serve the democrats and give them an excuse to keep the troops in Washington.

  8. B.S. if there would be any problems, it would be a false flag sponsored by the FBI and facilitated by democrat fascist provocateurs blm and antifa.

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