Activist cowboy Ammon Bundy arrested while protesting


Remember the right-wing cowboy occupier? He, his family, and his friends took over a remote Oregon wildlife post to protest government overreach? One of his friends was murdered by law enforcement and he and his sons and friends spent years fighting criminal charges.

Well, he’s in trouble again. No, he didn’t burn anything down and he didn’t slam an officer over the head with concrete nor did he blind federal officers with lasers. No, he did something much worse. He interrupted the passing of a bill.

Bundy was arrested around 5 p.m. after attending a hearing earlier in the day where protesters disrupted a special session on a civil liberty bill, the Idaho Press reported. He told the newspaper he was upset about “citizen journalists” being removed from the hearing.

He sat at the press desk for several hours in the Lincoln Auditorium and refused to move.

Isn’t that unthinkable? Now, if he burned a building down in the name of BLM, that would have been understandable.

Bundy testified Monday against the proposed bill civil liability waiver legislation.

“The Idaho people are more than capable of keeping themselves safe. … We the people are tired,” he told lawmakers. “We are tired of government force, and we will only take it for so long. I recommend you act wisely, because we will not live in fear.”

Along with his supporters, Bundy reportedly burst into the House gallery and scuffled with police.

Unfortunately, he handcuffed himself to an object with wheels:


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