Actor James Woods’ Explains DACA in 14 Words of a Tweet That Went Viral


There is a reason actor James Woods’ tweet went viral two days ago. He took the DACA discussion and succinctly explained exactly what is really going on.

The DACA was an unconstitutional executive order by Barack Obama. It is legislation and he wrote it from the White House. Only Congress is empowered to write law. All the President did was throw it back to Congress where it belongs.

It was a campaign promise that the President said he would keep and he has. Congress can pass legislation to give amnesty if they so choose. It’s their job to pass laws.

James Woods described the bottom line — it’s another Democrat “voter fraud scam”.

Why do people pretend it’s not a voter scam? The Democrats are adding nearly a million new Democrat voters to take them over the top to a one-party State and the RINOs are betraying their voters to satisfy donors.

What will those amazing Republican negotiators like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell get in return? Nothing! They ask for nothing and we their voters get to be called racists. They certainly won’t put up any walls or stop chain migration.

Some of the DREAMers are now in their mid-forties and they will all vote for Democrats, further sealing the fate of Republicans, the party of self-destruction. And 73% of these DACA recipients who are now middle-aged will live in low-income housing.

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Woods is Psychotic
Woods is Psychotic
4 years ago

Um no. These are people who’ve lived as Americans their entire life and wo are being threatened to be deported to a country they consider foreign due to a decision their parents made. Something needs to be done for them and this isn’t it.

4 years ago

Oh cry me a river, I’m not swayed by the claim that the kids involved are blameless. That doesn’t matter; the fact is that they have accessed and consumed services in this nation to which they were not entitled….we are a nation of LAWS, DACA is illegal folks. This is not about compassion, it’s about the rule of law. I have watched these FLIP FLOP politicians claiming to be for the Rule of Law — right up until it is proposed to be enforced, Its all about PC BS and votes for power and control!!!!!!! show me just one of these DACA kids that has been here for 20-25 years that has even tried to become a U.S.citizen, and don’t yap about a broken immigration system, its not broke, there are millions of people in this country who are now citizens that did it the right way!!!!!!!!

4 years ago

Spot on James Woods, that is exactly what this is about………………………..VOTES PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!