Adam Schiff Backs Off His Claim That Trump’s Campaign Is Definitely Tied to Russia


Adam Schiff, the perpetually angry partisan Democrat leading the anti-Trump pack, has repeatedly declared that there were definite ties between the Trump campaign and Russia, claiming there was more than circumstantial evidence.

Schiff is backing off. “I don’t think we can say anything definitively,” he now says. Interesting! It’s a big change.

It might have something to do with the fact that Devin Nunes has uncovered stealth unmasking and leaking of intel of Trump officials for no reason other than harming and embarrassing Donald Trump. The intel has nothing to do with Russia.

After looking at the same documents Devin Nunes saw, Adam Schiff could say nothing about the documents themselves. If he could have, he would have. He fell back on his complaint that Nunes saw it first and announced it to Americans.

Democrats might find their fake Russia-Trump story will come back to bite them. Let’s see how much he backs off as this investigation proceeds.

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