Adam Schiff Calls for Donald Trump’s Imprisonment


As usual, shifty Adam Schiff calls for Donald Trump to be imprisoned because he wants people to rise up in another J6. He continues to pretend the riot of January 6 was an insurrection. He knows he’s lying when he says these things.

He might get his way since the entire trial has been geared to do exactly that.

Schiff’s Lies:

This is, I think, what Donald Trump is aiming for. This is essentially his threat that if he gets jail time, that he’s going to encourage his supporters to rise up. And we saw the very, you know, deadly results of that on January 6th. So I don’t think the public is going to respond to that call. I hope we learn something from the awful experience of January 6th.

But it’s very clear what Donald Trump is suggesting here. And this is something I think that the judge needs to take into consideration also not to be intimidated by that threat, but as further evidence, this defendant not only doesn’t accept responsibility, but is willing to endanger people, just as Trump is willing to violate the gag order and potentially endanger witnesses or jurors or the judge himself or family members. That’s something the judge ought to be considering.”

Notice how he calls J6 deadly when the only person murdered was veteran and Trump supporter, Ashli Babbitt.

Democrats would love it if some Trump supporters riot. They would have another fake insurrection to tout since people are a little tired of the last one.

Schiff lies as much as Joe Biden, and we’ve repeatedly proven that. Remember the evidence he claimed to have on the Russiagate hoax? He’s a man with no core at all. Democrats are tearing our Justice system apart out of fear of Trump, who governed as a traditional president.

We have an evil, hardcore Left administration in charge of our nation.

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