Biden Tightens the Border, Praises Corrupt Conviction of His Opponent


Only months before the election, Joe Biden has worked out a deal with Mexico to slow illegal immigration and will sign an executive order to restrict some asylum claims by people coming over the border illegally.

In an obvious ploy to get re-elected,  the order will allow U.S. immigration officials to quickly deport migrants who enter the U.S. illegally without processing their asylum claims when border crossings surpass a certain threshold, the people said. It would rely on a presidential authority known as 212(f), which gained infamy during the Trump administration when it enacted several immigration restrictions, including the so-called “travel ban.”

But didn’t he say there was nothing he could do? How is this possible now?

This is temporary. If re-elected, the borders will be opened again. He has said he believes in open borders.

Mexico just elected a new president. She’s the first female Jewish President, and she’s a hardcore leftist.

CBS News quoted Joe Biden as saying that Donald Trump’s conviction proves that no one is above the law. But this isn’t political, right?

Our corrupt President Joe didn’t bother to mention what the underlying crime is that Donald Trump committed. At least the Soviets always named the crime. This is a Soviet-style conviction without naming the crime and likely convicting him of an FEC crime he didn’t commit.

Let’s see what happens with his corrupt crackhead son in court today.

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