Adam Schiff Continues His Lying in the Senate


Rep. Adam Schiff lied to the senators on Tuesday during the first day of the impeachment trial. He claimed falsely that he gave Republicans equal time during the House’s rushed impeachment proceedings.

He has a history of lying. He lied about the Ukraine call, the Russia-Trump collusion evidence, and knowing the fake whistleblower’s identity. We can count on him to conduct a fair, impartial trial?

Schiff, the Chair of the Intelligence Committee, lies all the time, especially about what he did in the House. He didn’t let the administration participate until the last week of the inquiry.

Republicans were often blocked from asking difficult questions and witnesses were kept from answering. The House Democrats blocked all GOP witnesses not also on their list. They blocked the President’s counsel from all closed-door depositions and public intelligence hearings. His selective leaking was aimed at controlling the narrative. he withheld key facts and lied and lied.

The Republicans also couldn’t hold their witness day.

Schiff has not released all the testimony including Inspector General Atkisson’s testimony.

Schiff is never fact-checked and he appears incapable of telling the truth. He’s a disgrace and it’s disgraceful that he is involved in the trial.

He’s a psycho.


Schiff Violated the Constitution

One of President Trump’s lawyers, Jay Sekulow, harshly criticized Adam Schiff for fabricating Trump’s call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Sekulow said the Democrats violated the Constitution by denying President Trump due process during House impeachment.

“The President was denied the right to cross-examine witnesses. The President was denied the right to access evidence and the President was denied the right to have counsel present at hearings,” Sekulow said.

“That’s a trifecta,” Sekulow said referring to Schiff’s earlier statements. “A trifecta that violates the Constitution of the United States.”

Attorney Pat Cipillone also called out Schiff for lying:



  1. If the Senate is both the judge and jury then the Senators have the right to interrupt Schiff whenever they wish to challenge his fabrications.

  2. Republicans are very weak. They don’t use a quarter if the the tools they have because of political correctness or simple cowardice. They’ll find a way to capitulate to Democrat demands. They’ll abdicate control to Democrats by simpering and being obsequious. They will somehow snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. They lack the Left’s will to fight. The Democrats are scortched earth.

    • that’s what I have been saying…Republicans are not fighting hard enough…if those 4 RINOS vote to get witnesses, this is going to drag on and on and on…remember these names people, DO NOT VOTE for them again…they are up to be re-elected again

  3. Shiff for brains just proved why no one beleives he is not a liar all he did was repeat the same old lies and a few new ones this guy is the one that should be impeached.

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