Sen. Susan Collins Likely Wants to Prolong the Trial with Witnesses


A Senate Republican said she’ll “likely” vote to call witnesses later in President Trump’s impeachment trial.

Sen. Susan Collins of Maine said in a statement Tuesday, “It is likely that I would support a motion to subpoena witnesses” after hearing arguments from the impeachment managers, as well as President Trump’s defense lawyers.

Collins is working with a small group of Republicans on a plan to call witnesses, but it’s unclear whether four GOP lawmakers would back the move. That’s the number needed to provide Democrats with the 51 votes necessary to summon a witness.

Four GOP senators have said they are open to considering witnesses and documents at the impeachment trial: Mitt Romney of Utah, Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, and Lamar Alexander of Tennessee.

The House had their impeachment, the Senate shouldn’t go fishing for crimes on behalf of Democrats. These weak links are a disgrace.

Consider calling and tell them — no witnesses:

Susan Collins (202) 224-2523 (207) 622-8414 

Mitt Romney (202) 224-5251 (801) 524-4380 

Lamar Alexander (202) 224-4944 (423) 752-5337 

Lisa Murkowski (202)-224-6665 (907) 262-4220 



  1. Witnesses, yes, but Trump gets to call witnesses and Joe and Hunter Biden are on the list. McConnell is a wise old fox and we are all fortunate to have him in charge of this trial. Outright dismissal of the charges would provide endless drivel for the Commiecrats and their Dogfart Media hacks to whine for months that their spurious charges were dismissed as part of a Republican cover-up. POTUS wants a trial. He has demanded an opportunity to expose the horrendous corruption of the Commiecrats. This entire process is a sham designed to cover up billions of dollars in corruption that implicates the entire Commierat party and their fellow travelers. Let’s get it on!

    • That seems like a Mitch fairy tale. We all know that Mitch spent 3 years covering up the coup, he held no investigations on it. Then, while the radical House impeached, Mitch held no counter investigations to clear Trump. Mitch has no intention of anything near detailed investigations. He wants to protect his precious corrupt DC, as he has been doing the entire time. His record is clear. Expecting Mitch to be on our side is a strategy to fail.

  2. There’s little doubt that this parallels the Kavanaugh hearings, yet I have not heard a single pundit cite that. Mitch gets to play the good guy here, plagued by RINOs. Yet, he is chief RINO, and there would be about 5 more conservatives in the senate if not for he and his RINO gang supporting liberals and opposing conservatives. No news source is reporting what a failure Mitch is, nor his clear links to infesting the senate with RINOs challenging Trump at every turn. This whole mess, which Mitch has a major role in, will be used by Mitch to play hero. It’s not complicated.

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