Admiral discusses “tragic consequences” of Gov Cuomo’s COV policy


A report by New York’s Attorney General Letitia James shows that Governor Cuomo undercounted deaths of nursing home patients who died directly due to his terrible policy of forcing the facilities to admit the patients with China virus. He did that despite having a nearly empty hospital ship and the Javitts Center at the time.

Governor Andrew Cuomo is trying to get out of it by lying, claiming the federal government bears responsibility for his terrible decisions. The only thing the CDC said is under certain controlled circumstances, it could be permissible for nursing homes to accommodate patients with the China virus.

Admiral Brett Giroir, the 16th assistant secretary for health under the Trump administration, said Cuomo must accept responsibility for his poor decision which resulted in “tragic consequences.” It was “not a science-based decision.”

For the most part, the media is ignoring this story, which is typically dishonest behavior by our state media.

Also discussed was the fact that because of “antiquated policies and over-regulation,” one million doctors can give any patient any narcotic they want but only 66,000 of those can give life-saving drug treatments to these Opioid patients. That is also not science-based.

James didn’t bother coming out with this report when Donald Trump was in office, getting bashed 24/7 for the deaths in New York and throughout the country.


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