MSM slobbered over Cuomo’s handling of COV and then the report came out


As many of us knew, Governor Cuomo, who handled the China virus worse than any governor in the nation, was holding back the numbers of elderly who died of the China virus in nursing homes because his policy led to their deaths.

New York likely undercounted China virus deaths of nursing home residents by more than 50%, the state’s attorney general said in a report released Thursday. Attorney General Letitia James now admits the state likely underreporting deaths by nearly 56%.

An Associated Press analysis published in August concluded that the state could be understating deaths by as much as 65%, based on discrepancies between its totals and numbers being reported to federal regulators.

Andrew Cuomo is the cause of the deaths. He made thousands of patients with China virus go into nursing homes. He put the policy online and has since removed it. Cuomo also said it publicly.

At the time, he had a mostly-empty hospital ship and the Javitts Center. Nursing homes told him they were not equipped for the China virus.

Since then, he has lied and said he never issued such a mandate. The corrupt governor also wrote a book congratulating himself for the great job he did.

The media has been lying to you and this clip proves it:

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