Adult looks on as young boy rips up neighbor’s flag and flings it


A video of a young boy ripping an American flag out of someone’s yard and then flinging it to the ground as his mother watches has caused some strong responses on Twitter, both for and against the mother or whoever she is.

Writer Marie Oakes shared the controversial video on Twitter with the caption: “Children are being raised to desecrate the flag.”

Security camera footage shows a child riding on a scooter along with an adult female, probably his mother. While traveling down the sidewalk on his scooter, the boy attempts to rip up a small American flag standing in a yard. He misses on the first attempt to uproot the flag but comes back to tear up the flag. He then throws the flag onto the ground.

“He and the woman then resume riding down the street,” Fox News reported. “It appears the woman gives no pushback on the boy for pulling the flag.”

The woman with the child is teaching the child violence, hate, and vandalism. If she thinks the child won’t generalize all of that, she’s mistaken.

The sad thing is responses are as much against the United States and decent child-rearing as for them.

People Who Get It

It’s NOT just the parents. The last ten or twenty years your Academia and Hollywood’s influence on culture has been indoctrinating the young of America to hate and disrespect. People are seeing America slip away and then looking the other way as it happens. God help us.

They are also being raised to destroy the property of others. This kid needs some good parenting

This is sad. We would never have thought to do that as kids in the 60s. It was certainly a different time.

Replying to @TheMarieOakes Honest question: How can a country succeed if their citizens are being raised to hate it?
The Apologist Who Thinks It’s About Cost

the kid pulled a stick out of the ground it was not even damaged the cost of this vandalism is that whoever lives there has to walk outside and then put it back in the ground assuming it takes, say, 5 seconds, at current minimum wage this costs literally 1 cent

The Haters

Old people used to be like, “No elbows on the table, that’s rude.” Then they use racial slurs.

Look like he learned American history

Check out this flag desecration

that kid is really going places. this is very cool, thanks for showing us.




  1. External enemies would never take advantage of this or wargame on obsolete destroyers 40 miles off the coast of Hawaii.
    Everyone recognizes the magnificent evolved comrades being status of the faculty lounge.
    Shh…don’t tell them about BRICS or BRI, they’ll pull out the WWIII card immediately.

  2. This is because of what is being taught in our schools. Teachers are now an enemy of America. The Public School System needs to be abolished and immediately replaced with a voucher system. Flag desecration is NOT a reasonable means of Protest. It should be a Felony and include lose of citizenship. I’m a Veteran, I fully support the right to petition the Government, but I don’t support desecration of the Flag or protesting the National Anthem. Flag desecration is not protest, it is Incitement to Violence, especially when it’s a flag owned by an individual on their property. If the property was that of a Veteran, I don’t care what the level of retaliation would be, if I was on his jury he would get a pass. That is one conduct that should not be tolerated. Hatred of Country is far worse than racism or bigotry. We don’t tolerate Racism and Bigotry, why do we tolerate Hatred of Country. Patriots are not the enemy of America, it’s those who hate America. They are the Enemy, both Foreign and Domestic.

  3. As much as I can’t stand those who desecrate the flag, I have to wonder who in their right mind would plant Old Glory that far out on the edge of the sidewalk? Most flags I see are set back closer to the front porch. Not that I am excusing what mommy dearest is allowing her brat to get by with, but am thinking that the owner of the flag could have had more respect for the same flag as well.

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