Afghanistan, Selling Children, Killing for Organs, No Law, No Freedom, as Joe Left It


People have already forgotten Afghanistan. Joe Biden certainly has forgotten as he enjoys the pleasures of a king in the White House, barely working. He doesn’t care about what he has done and he never cared to begin with because he is heartless. He’s enjoying his reign without accountability as the media protects him at the expense of truth and conscience.

An Afghan mother in debt had to give her three-year-old child to the man to whom she was indebted, people are selling organs, and others are killed for their organs. The people are starving as we fund their captors and the Pakistanis.

The Taliban terrorists are Pakistan, sent by Pakistan, but we fund Pakistan too.

This is the evil America the Biden cabal is turning us into. We say cabal because Joe is obviously running nothing. He is the figurehead wallowing in the glory he thinks he deserves as communists rule over him.

Country after country has fought communism, but not the US.

This is a short clip:

This is the full clip:


The Taliban are promoting suicide bombings and we are funding them as is the UN. None of the money goes to the people. We should airlift food, not send money. We are in bed with Pakistan terrorists as brave Afghans continue to fight.


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