After blaming Trump for riots, de Blasio praises daughter for arrest as a riot participant


Chiara looks exactly as one would expect.

By now, you have heard about the arrest of Bill de Blasio’s daughter, Chiara, during a violent Antifa/Black Lives Matter rally. As you might suspect, the communist mayor is very “proud” of her for it. At the same time, he blames the President for causing the riots.


“I love my daughter deeply, I honor her. She is such a good human being, she only wants to do good in the world she wants to see a better and a more peaceful world. She believes a lot of change is needed,” de Blasio said during a press conference Monday after confirming reports that his daughter, Chiara de Blasio, was arrested.

“I’m proud of her that she cares so much and she was willing to go out there and do something about it,” the mayor added.

Peace by attacking cops and looting?



She had allegedly been blocking traffic on Broadway and was arrested after refusing to move, the source said.

The source reportedly told the NY Post, “That was a real hotspot, police cars were getting burned there, people were throwing and yelling, fighting with cops.

There were thousands of people in that area at that time.”

The report states that Chiara gave her address as the home known as Gracie Mansion, where the mayor resides but didn’t tell police she was the mayor’s daughter.


Democrat communist de Blasio is typical of the left-wing mayors and governors whose cities are out of control. Violence and anarchy rules. De Blasio won’t let the Mounted Units engage and gain control. He is just letting the violence grow unabated.

He has abandoned the city to looters and is proud that his daughter is fomenting rebellion. This is the man who had the gall to blame the president for setting the tone. The irony of this is too much.



Cuomo is running around looking for police brutality cases, he and de Blasio are talking about giving community leaders more control over police, and the NY Times is demonizing all police.

King Cuomo is using this opportunity to portray all police officers as bad. He is forming an independent council to review all police brutality cases. At a time when they are under attack, he is looking for ways to revisit settled cases.

The NY Times is jumping onto the anti-police bandwagon. An article late Sunday night declared: “Facing Protests Over Use of Force, Police Respond with More Force.” It featured an image from last Monday’s arrest and killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota. But across the country, Americans were confronting a horrific landscape of downtown retail districts being destroyed by mobs Sunday as police did nothing to intervene.

Meanwhile, the protests are riots and they are growing more dangerous and more destructive.

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Terminal Madness
Terminal Madness
3 years ago

Speaking of irony-people who receive benefits from the state and vote for a living rioting against the state.
Or government apparatchiks picturing themselves as edgy rebels or brave resistance fighters blowing up a Nazi armaments train in the middle of the night as they plot sedition.
Entertainment and junk news enemedia 24-7, easy living at the expense of others and worthless indoctrination at government schools will cause an EPIC meltdown of this republic and that is no accident.
Our external enemies will make a move and the fifth column of traitors will get what they deserve as all sides hate Quislings.

John Vieira
John Vieira
3 years ago

Why do you think history has been virtually eradicated from the curricula…Doubt many who get all their “information” from the MSM have the slightest idea who or what is a Quisling, or Petain for that matter …and these people existed just over 70 years ago,,,That is why it tends to repeat itself…under a different “nomenclature”…

Turn Your Back On Them
Turn Your Back On Them
3 years ago

A street cred World Star Hip Hop move by the comradette.
The comrades will see some value in her wealth and the get out of jail free card from comrade Wilhelm.
I almost feel sorry for any NYPD employee who doesn’t see this commie RAT for what he is.

3 years ago

This guy de Blasio is not only a Communist but he is totally brain dead. How could New Yorkers elect such an idiot to be Mayor of this great city?????? The consequences of his action/inactions will be born by the successor as Blasio is history.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

All out conviction of the police, we are under assault.