Norway now suspects the draconian lockdown was a mistake


On Wednesday night, Norway’s prime minister Erna Solberg went on Norwegian television to make a startling admission, she had panicked. Some, even most, of the tough measures imposed in Norway’s lockdown now looked like steps too far. “Was it necessary to close schools?” she mused. “Perhaps not.”

“I probably took many of the decisions out of fear,” she admitted, reminding viewers of the terrifying images then flooding their screens from Italy.

We went under the same draconian lockdown as Norway here in New York.

She is not the first in Norway to conclude that closing schools and kindergartens, making everyone work from home, or limiting gatherings to a maximum of five people might have been excessive.

She wishes she had followed Sweden’s model, with moderate lockdown measures.

Her honesty is appreciated. There are studies indicating that the lockdown did nothing and the virus has it’s own mind. It went through the cycle and is now disappearing.

People are in dreamland if they think the lockdown was reasonable or won’t have serious economic consequences.

The lockdown seriously hurt a lot of people. Some important blue states still won’t open, causing more unnecessary economic instability.

Since then, Mr. Floyd died in police custody, giving radical leftists the opportunity to destroy cities. The virus has all but disappeared from the media and we are all focused on riots. Democrats make the most of one crisis after another. They cause it or blow it up and then say it’s the President’s fault.

And, as for the cloth masks, there is no evidence they do a thing to protect anyone. Although masks might have benefits in a hospital setting. They are mostly symbolic and meant to make people feel better, according to the research.

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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

All done to harm, slow down the economy to hurt Trump give Democrats an advantage to win

See Right Through
See Right Through
3 years ago

Did Dr. Fraudci make any money there? His vaccine patent is just waiting for the big payoff.
You want to know what’s in this vaccine? It is for your own good comrade.
Obey all orders without question.
The safety you demanded is now mandatory. Forward!